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Cutting-edge and user-friendly platform

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Quick and Easy

Install PlayBots and get started in a matter of minutes

The PlayBots platform is incredibly easy to set up. Copy-paste a JavaScript fragment and your AI-powered assistant is ready to guide your customers along their purchasing process with significant insights presented to you in real time.

It’s as easy as that!

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All in one place

The PlayBots platform collects an array of customer-centric data from several channels (website and Facebook Messenger) all in one place.

  • Collecting and enhancing visitor data from your CRM/DMP
  • Centralizing chatbot interaction records (chat history and intent analysis)
  • Monitoring navigation activity (page views, time spent, etc.)
  • Integrating user interests and likes (from social media)
  • Supercharging your funnel (purchasing behavior)

Your Dashboard

Keep track of your smart sales assistant in real-time thanks to the PlayBots Dashboard. It features the best suited indicators for your activity.

  • Most common subject matters
  • Number of requests
  • DAU (daily active users)
  • Number of conversations
  • Average conversation time
  • Rate of response
  • Satisfaction rate
  • Rate of human escalation
  • Conversion rate following an AI-chat conversation
  • Website and Facebook Messenger visitor profiling


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